Boxing News At Five | Apr 30 2019

Boxing News at Five: Miller is free to box again in September, Rolls says beating Golovkin will be like striking the SuperLotto

Jarrell Miller cheats and gets away with it, and Steve Rolls is adamant he won't be an unknown quantity for too much longer
Jarrell Miller
Anthony Joshua & Jarrell Miller Press Conference  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

The only thing more pointless than a six-month ban for a serial drug cheat who makes their living punching other human beings in the head is bothering to argue or get upset about it.

Jarrell Miller failed a couple of VADA drug tests for more than one prohibited substance earlier this month yet will face only a backdated six-month suspension, gifted to him by the WBA, and will be allowed to fight again from September 19. This means he has lost the June 1 payday against Anthony Joshua, as well as the chance to become world heavyweight champion, but not a lot else.

In fact, all Miller has to do on his return is undergo some random drug-testing at his own expense and submit those results to the WBA, the sanctioning body responsible for both dropping the American from their rankings and issuing him the most ludicrous slap on the wrists (in terms of the length of his ban) possible. If the results stand up, by the way, there is every chance Miller will then seemingly be reinstated into the rankings.