Boxing News At Five | Mar 15 2019

Boxing News at Five: Lewis says Fury would have given him “problems”, Munguia defends title against Hogan in Mexico

Lennox Lewis gives Tyson Fury some props, and Jaime Munguia heads back to Mexico to continue to his reign of terror
Lennox Lewis
Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis speaks

THE formidable Lennox Lewis had an impressive ability to figure out most of the styles he came across during a couple of runs as heavyweight champion of the world. He could outbox and defuse the brawlers, he could outpunch and hurt the boxers, and much of his success could be attributed to this versatility and intelligence.

Since retiring in 2003, Lewis has taken this knowledge into his work as a pundit and commentator and is often asked to offer his opinion on the current crop of heavyweights (and has had some interesting and critical things to say about Anthony Joshua, in particular). He is also frequently asked how he would have fared if he had been around in today’s era.

“I think those fights would’ve been great because when I was around it was a lack of big guys,” he told TMZ. “All of a sudden I’m retired and they come out of the woodwork. There are tons of them.


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