Boxing News At Five | Nov 13 2019

Boxing News at Five: John Fury fancies Dana White scrap, Saunders could go to light-heavyweight to capture Canelo

Tyson Fury's father says he wants a piece of UFC President Dana White, and Billy Joe Saunders isn't going to leave Canelo Alvarez alone
John Fury
John and Tyson Fury

THAT a fight between John Fury and Dana White wouldn’t be the worst fight in recent times says more about the plummeting standards of combat sports than it does the fighting prowess of Fury and White at this stage in their lives.

Unlike KSI and Logan Paul, who recently made their pro debuts in a YouTube superfight, Fury and White at least have some fighting history and good old fighting blood. (Not that that’s a solid enough reason for either man to find themselves near a pair of gloves or a ring anytime soon, of course.)

Fury, a former pro heavyweight, shoots from the hip and didn’t take too kindly to some recent comments White made about his son. Answering the question of whether Tyson Fury might one day become a success in the UFC (having been linked with a fight against current UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic), White scoffed at the very idea and said it was one that would end badly.


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