Boxing News At Five | May 24 2019

Boxing News at Five: Hunter says Khan isn’t doing enough training, Joshua targets Wilder not Whyte, and Jennings could be next for Joyce

Virgil Hunter reckons Amir Khan doesn't train enough, Anthony Joshua says Dillian Whyte had his chance and blew it, and Bryant Jennings is headed for London
Amir Khan
KhanQuits  |  Action Images

THERE is something refreshing and unusual about Virgil Hunter’s honesty, particularly when it comes to speaking publicly about Amir Khan.

Never one to hold back, Hunter is the man Khan needs at this stage of his career – an admission Khan made to Boxing News in April – and has long been torn between respecting his charge’s fantastic achievements and feeling he should be getting more out of his skillset.

Now, with a defeat to Terence Crawford still fresh in the memory, Hunter expects Khan to return to the ring but says a change in his approach is require if he’s to fulfil his undoubted potential.


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