News | May 21 2019

Boxing News at Five: Fury expects to rematch Wilder in March or April, Malignaggi threatens to urinate on former UFC fighter

Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder has a couple more fights to go before they meet again, and Paulie Malignaggi is undoing his good work
Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

IF you happen to have an interest in the heavyweight division circa 2019, a great deal of patience and understanding is required to maintain it.

There are two champions, or three, according to Tyson Fury, and the emphasis, rather than on whittling the number down to one, seems to be on keeping these men apart, winning and earning, and teasing resolution but not delivering it.

Fury, the so-called lineal heavyweight champion, should really be fighting Deontay Wilder this year, but won’t. He won’t be fighting Wilder despite the fact they have a score to settle, following their dramatic draw in December, and despite the fact all alternative options, for both, pale in comparison to Wilder vs. Fury II.


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