Boxing News At Five | Jun 04 2018

Boxing News at Five: Fury calls out Golovkin, June 23 card goes ahead, Page is back

Tyson Fury wants to fight everybody, Martin Murray wants to fight somebody, and Michael 'Venom' Page fights a nobody
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury  |  Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

We should know by now that Tyson Fury just says stuff. A lot of the time it’s crazy and confusing and controversial; occasionally, only occasionally, it’s sensible and serious.

This week, as he prepares to fight Sefer Seferi on Saturday at the Manchester Arena, his first fight in two-and-a-half years, we can expect a lot of the former. Noise for the sake of noise. Hype. Nonsense. There will be some interesting thoughts dotted among this, but, for the most part, Fury will be on a mission to grab attention, sell tickets and secure subscribers.

It’s a game he plays better than most.


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