Boxing News At Five | Dec 03 2019

Boxing News at Five: Dillian Whyte’s brother stops man trying to open aircraft door, Tyson Fury stops man trying to commit suicide

Dillian Whyte's brother has to bearhug a fellow passenger to stop him attempting to open an aircraft door, and Tyson Fury saves another life with a jog
Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder
Tyson Fury Fire Station Visit  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

“I want to get out,” screamed an agitated man at the back of a plane on its way from London Heathrow to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Monday night.

Appearing to be suffering a panic attack, the man then tried opening the door of the aircraft only to be stopped from doing so by a number of fellow passengers, one of whom happened to be the brother of Dillian Whyte. “Calm down, bruv!” shouted 6’7 Dean Whyte as he grabbed the man in a bearhug and pulled him away from the door. “Calm down, bruv!”

It might sound like the setup to a joke but it’s true. There is no punchline.


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