Boxing News At Five | Oct 10 2018

Boxing News at Five: Conlan says Stevenson is using his name for publicity, and Johnson eyes return to America in February

Ireland's Michael Conlan says a fight against Shakur Stevenson will happen when it's good and ready, and Callum Johnson has plenty of options post-Beterbiev
Michael Conlan
Michael Conlan  |  Mikey Williams/Top Rank

IRISH prospect Michael Conlan is on a collision course to meet a couple of Olympians, rivals from his amateur days, but must first focus all his attention on Nicola Cipolletta, his opponent next Saturday (October 20) in Las Vegas.

Cipolletta, a former Italian champion, is 14-6-2 (4) as a pro and should be a test Conlan passes with flying colours. Until he does so, however, any talk of future Conlan fights against Vladimir Nikitin or Shakur Stevenson, two rivals from his amateur days, will remain well and truly on the backburner.

“Shakur has performed well, and I know he’s talented,” said Conlan. “I give him respect but to me he’s just another possible future opponent. He and his people are just mentioning me so often to try and gain publicity.