Boxing News At Five | Sep 27 2019

Boxing News at Five: Breland says Wilder won’t be fighting Fury in February, Bika will become a “legend” if he beats 55-year-old Benn

The rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury looks unlikely to happen in February, and Sakio Bika has plans beyond Nigel Benn fight
Tyson Fury
Action Images/REUTERS/Steve Marcus

THERE are too many voices in boxing and only a few are worth listening to.

Mark Breland, a former 1984 Olympic champion and WBA welterweight champion, is one man whose voice is worth listening to. He doesn’t say a lot but when he does, these days pertaining to Deontay Wilder, the heavyweight he coaches, you can be certain he isn’t just speaking for the sake of it.

When, for example, he says Tyson Fury isn’t going to be fit enough to fight Wilder in February, as planned, he isn’t making the statement to rile Fury or because Wilder, his man, fancies fighting someone else. He is saying it because he knows this game inside out and knows what cuts like the ones Fury suffered against Otto Wallin on September 14 mean going forward.