Boxing News At Five | Jan 27 2020

Boxing News at Five: Arum backs Crawford to ‘pin’ McGregor in MMA fight, Jimenez says her failed drug test “goes against chemistry”

Terence Crawford's promoter says he would have his way with Conor McGregor in an MMA fight, and Alejandra Jimenez says it is impossible she took PEDs
Crawford on Amir Khan
Boxing - Terence Crawford & Amir Khan Media Work-Out  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

LEGENDARY promoter Bob Arum knows a great deal about boxing and about promoting in boxing but will be the first to admit he is less familiar with the world of mixed martial arts.

This has been made clear over the years – basically, whenever he has been asked to comment on the sport – and was reaffirmed recently when he claimed Terence Crawford, the WBO welterweight champion, could ‘pin’ former UFC champion Conor McGregor in a mixed martial arts fight.

If the prediction of a Crawford victory wasn’t suspect enough, the method of victory serves to undermine all.