Fitness | Training | Feb 12 2015

Boxing is evolving says Darren Barker

He may have become a world champion but Barker would have done things differently, writes John Dennen
Darren Barker

DARREN BARKER became a middleweight world champion with a spectacular victory over Daniel Geale. Injury ultimately forced him to retire and he would have trained differently, if he could do it all over again.

“Take more care of your body,” he advised. “Silly things, like a decent pair of running trainers instead of a pair of Converse. If I hadn’t done silly things like that maybe I could have got more time out of my career. I don’t know. Little things like that, taking care of myself a bit more. I never really struggled with my weight but my diet wasn’t exactly the greatest.

“That’s another thing, going back I wouldn’t have done as much running. But I was born with dodgy hips if you like. If I had known this earlier in my career I would have substituted the running early on.


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