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Boxers: 5 food and drink essentials for your kit bag

Nutritionist Marc Fell MSc shares five of the food and drink essentials you must have in your training bag

1. A smoothie

SMOOTHIES provide an easy and simple means by which a tasty snack can be consumed by a fighter and they fit conveniently within one’s training bag. Smoothies provide a great way to fuel a session and can be easily consumed in the car on the way to training or immediately accessed after a session to promote recovery. What you put in a smoothie will ultimately be dictated by the training, performance and body-composition goals of the individual and can be made up of a range of different carbohydrate, protein, fat and vegetable sources. If you are consuming a smoothie in preparation for, or recovery from, a hard session, it is important to include adequate amounts of carbohydrate through such examples as bananas, cooked rice, porridge oats or maltodextrin powder in order to promote and replenish muscle glycogen stores which will be used to provide energy during such sessions. Moreover, the inclusion of a protein source within this specific smoothie is also vital to promote muscle growth and repair and such examples include a whey protein serving, Leucine powder, Greek yoghurt and a small handful of nuts.

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Marc Fell BSc (hons), MSc
Twitter: @MarcFell1

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