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Ben Whittaker is gunning for Julio La Cruz

Ben Whittaker sets himself a challenge, to take on the very best in the sport. He boxes in the semi-finals of the World championships this afternoon
Ben Whittaker
Action Images/REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

BEN WHITTAKER has handled the move up to light-heavyweight with aplomb. But he feels he could have done even better than his silver medal at the European Games in Minsk and is eager to test himself against the very best in the world.

“A lot of people said I was unlucky with the decision [in the European final] but I’m my own critic. I still think I did win but I could have done something more to cement it. But that’s why you do have those types of fights – to learn from them. I’ve definitely looked back on it and seen my corrections, what I need to do. Looking back, a silver medal is pretty good for this stage of my career,” Ben told Boxing News.

He had come up against Azerbaijan representative Loren Alfonso in the final. “He was a good boxer, he’s a Cuban lad. He was kind of mirroring myself. That’s why it was weird,” Whittaker explained. “I don’t normally get that style, especially at 81kgs, they just run at me [normally], so it was good.

Ben Whittaker
Whittaker impresses at the European Games Lumix/Team GB