Feature | Highlight 1 | Issue | Premium | Jan 21 2020

Behind the scenes with boxing greats

Jack Hirsch reveals the secrets of presenting awards to some of the greatest fighters in boxing history
Floyd Mayweather boxing great
Action Images/Reuters/Steve Marcus

WINNING a world championship is the ultimate prize in boxing, but the fight for recognition does not end there. The world’s greatest fighters want more than a belt, they want validation from the media and others in the business. That is why awards are so important, be it Fighter of the Year or special recognition of a career or whatever.

I have been very fortunate. Because of my involvement with various boxing groups I have had the privilege of presenting more awards to our icons of the sport than anyone else has, at least by my calculations.

With no intent to play amateur psychologist, my experiences in sharing a stage with these champions, as well as dealing with them at length behind the scenes, has given me a glimpse into their personalities that I’d like to share with you.