Opinion | Mar 14 2018

‘Battering a commentator isn’t the kind of offer fighters get every day’

In Clarke's Shoes: Ever wondered what it's like to be under attack from a professional? Andy Clarke finds out
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly vs Jean Michel Hamilcaro - Super Welterweight  |  Action Images/Peter Cziborra

HOW long would I last in the ring with a professional boxer?

It’s a question that pretty much anyone who’s ever pulled a pair of gloves on has asked themselves.

Quite honestly I’d never been all that curious. The reason being that, having indulged in some very mediocre sparring about 15 years ago, I’d always been confident I knew the answer: No time at all. Or more accurately, as long as it would take for one clean punch to land, which would take about as long as the person throwing it decided it would take.


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