News | Apr 05 2019

‘Most people who lost that much blood would pass out. I went the 12 rounds’ – Badou Jack is not done yet

Despite enduring one of the most horrific cuts seen in boxing, Badou Jack is gunning for a rematch with Marcus Browne
Badou Jack
017_Badou_Jack  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

AN injury as horrific as the cut Badou Jack suffered against Marcus Browne in January could bring a boxer’s career to an end, especially at the age of 35 and with a sequence of world title fights already behind him.

But Jack intends to come back, targeting a return later this year and he wants a rematch. “I would love a rematch with Marcus Browne,” he told Boxing News. “I had that big cut but it’s healing good now. I think August, September I would love to be back in the ring.”

He is adamant the cut affected his performance and was a key factor in his points loss to Browne over 12 rounds. “Oh definitely. I could barely see I had like a yellow layer over my eyes I was trying to wipe it off it was still there. I mean, I could barely see,” Jack said. “That guy was getting tired and I’m known for finishing strong. This guy has never been on this level before and I thought I could stop him, I’m going to break him down and get him out of there. It was kind of hard. I couldn’t see.”


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