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Are you missing any body protection essentials?

body protection
With a lot of body protection gear and equipment available here are the essentials you should have to hand

WHETHER you’re a pro, amateur or boxing for fitness, safety and the prevention of injury should be a top priority, as it is in any other sport. After all, an injury can disrupt your training plan, whilst worrying about injuries takes away from your focus.

With a lot of protection gear and equipment available there are some essentials you should always have to hand – ensuring they are proper, quality standard protection:

Head guards

As you will get hit, head guards are an important piece of kit to protect your head, skull and teeth from the impacts that are bound to happen in a fight. For the vast majority of competitions and clubs, they are a requirement.

Choose head guards with thick padding that will also protect your cheeks, and a design that won’t inhabit your airflow. Try out a few in person to test their comfort and your freedom of movement whilst wearing them.

AIBA approved head guards are an excellent choice, made from shock absorbent material from brands like Adidas and Sting.

Hand wraps

In all types of boxing, hand wraps are essential to protect your wrists and knuckles. The extra support from the cloth protects your bones and tendons, relieving pressure by distributing the shock.

There is a technique to wrapping safely; see this guide on hand wraps if you’re getting started and want to learn which wraps are right for you and how to use them.


Everyone needs a few mouthguards/gum shields in their gym bag! Very affordable, they come with huge benefits as you’ll avoid expensive dental damage and pain. This includes trauma to the lips, gums and front teeth, such as fractures.

So, simply pop a guard in for training or for a competition and fight more safely. If the thought of mouthguards are unappealing, they come in a range of flavours to take the edge of.

Foot pads/guards

Worn in your boxing boots, foot pads protect the heel and ball of your foot, whilst allowing you to maintain fast footwork and mobility. There are plenty of options out there; choose lightweight designs that are durable and easy to put on and off.

Also consider:

  • Elbow & knee protection
  • Foot guards
  • Groin guards
  • Shin pads

Getting started

One way to ensure you get good quality protective kit is choosing a trusted boxing supplier, like Boxfit UK, who have provided their insight for this article.

Any further questions or advice on which head guards or which pads are right for you, call their team on 01708 320320 or email

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