Fitness | Training | Jul 26 2017

Antony Fowler on how to get into boxing

Get into boxing training with GB star and new pro Antony Fowler
Antony Fowler
Antony-Fowler  |  Action Images

THIS is the start of a series of blogs that are going to cover why you should get into boxing and how you can do it. I get loads of emails from fans often asking the same questions which boil down to: “How do I get started with boxing?” Motivations are different from person to person – some people tell me about their background being tough, being a huge fan, or wanting to lose weight.

A lot of people think they aren’t fit enough to take it up, but we all have to start somewhere and your club will be accommodating to help you get there in no time. Whatever your motivation, boxing is an incredible sport to participate in and it will change your life.

So why boxing?