Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury … so who is the A-side?

Anthony Joshua
Mark Robinson
Talks to make Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury continue, but who do you think is actually the A-side?

Richard Poxon
Manager and promoter

A and B-side is a phrase I can’t stand. Regarding the fight between Joshua and Fury, if it happens then it should, in my opinion, be a straight 50-50. They both need each other to make the huge amount of money they’re potentially going to split. I don’t see how either can expect a bigger share.

Paul Edwards
Former British champion

It’s a tough one. I’d have to say AJ. As good as Fury is, I think AJ’s the main man, I think he’s the A-side. He sold Wembley out, he’s massive. Since he won that Olympic gold medal he was known in everyone’s household. I’d say he’s the most known.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury

Tony Jeffries
Olympic medallist

Tough question. Technically AJ as he has sold out stadiums but Fury is the undefeated fighter and right now I would say the fans’ favourite. So I would have to stay on the fence with 50-50.

Declan Taylor
Boxing report
Both have distinct and convincing arguments as to why they should be deemed the A-side; Joshua with more belts and commercial value, Fury with ‘linear’ status and a colossal ESPN deal. Can we not simply bin that frankly infuriating term for this fight and just let them punch each other?

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