Feature | Jun 02 2016

Anthony Joshua on how he’ll knock out Dominic Breazeale

Anthony Joshua discusses the "handbag wars" with Dominic Breazeale
dominic breazeale on Deontay Wilder
dominic-breazeale  |  Scott Hirano/Showtime

ANTHONY JOSHUA and Dominic Breazeale have only come face-to-face once so far in the build up to their June 25 IBF heavyweight title clash in London. They have no shared history, the two didn’t cross paths at the 2012 Olympics, when Joshua won gold and Breazeale was promptly eliminated from the competition, but there was a surprising degree of hostility between the two when they officially announced their fight.

They only slowly separated after going head-to-head for the first time to pose for photos after what Breazeale referred to as “elbow jostling” or as Joshua termed it, “handbag wars”.

“I’m just tired,” Joshua explained. “I’m a respectful person, I shook his hand and I went over to him and I just feel that I’m not here to promote a fight. I’m here to fight. But this is the obligation. I’m not so much of a character within the boxing world and I just thought when we go head-to-head and stuff and then it’s time to walk off and you’re still there looking at me, I’m like is this guy being serious? Is there an issue? So I just wanted to address what the issue was. If we’re here to fight then we shake hands, we go away, train and we come together. If you’ve got a personal issue with me make it known. So I just wanted to address the situation with him.”