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Anthony Joshua must stay away from Andy Ruiz Jr, says the legendary George Foreman

George Foreman explains why Andy Ruiz Jr is the last thing that Anthony Joshua needs
George Foreman

AS an exercise in a fighter utilising his physical attributes, George Foreman’s win over Joe Frazier in 1973 will likely never be surpassed. Foreman didn’t only design the ideal blueprint for a powerful heavyweight preparing to fight a smaller opponent, the plans he and his training team developed resulted in one of the sport’s most stunning demolition jobs.

In a worn ring in Jamaica, Foreman finally got to set the charges and the impact shook the sport to its foundations. Within two rounds, and a mere 21 months since “Smokin” Joe had defeated Muhammad Ali, Foreman had taken ownership of Frazier’s heavyweight title and the world had a new, seemingly unbeatable champion. But to focus on the brutal power shots which made Frazier hop, skip, and jump around the National Stadium in Kingston is to ignore the physical and mental groundwork that went into the stunning victory.

George Foreman
FEARSOME: Few heavyweights could live with a peak George Foreman

The rest of the world may have watched on in a state of bewilderment as the shorter, rotund Andy Ruiz Jr took apart the imposing Anthony Joshua, but Foreman instantly recognised what was going on.