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Anthony Joshua: ‘It’s hard being a champion’

'I understand what happened to Ruiz but it won’t happen to me again.' Two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in his own words
Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua with the titles he's won back Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

YOU can’t be one dimensional in professional boxing. It’s good to have a game plan and absorb the information given to by my coaches and execute what they expect from me.

The main people you want to please in boxing, before my parents, before anyone’s opinion, are my coaches because they spend so much time putting their knowledge into me. Whatever they want from me, I can produce because I am a student. There’s not just one dimension to me, I’ll always bring something new to the table.

Hitting without getting hit, the sweet science. If you’re a true boxing fan and love boxing as much as I do, you look to the great teachers and they will tell you that boxing is about hitting and not getting hit. I just adopted that to beat Andy Ruiz Jnr. I went back to the true love of the game. When I had my loss, I had to dig deep. It’s not just a brutal sport, there is a science to it and I wanted to adopt that in this fight. I think it was the perfect strategy.


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