Opinion | Sep 17 2014

Anthony Joshua is on the right track but needs to be matched slowly if he’s to achieve his potential

Mickey Vann reviews the performances of the fighters and officials at the Manchester show

WELL, Scott Quigg defending his version of the WBA super-bantamweight title successfully, more or less went as expected, although it only lasted into the third round.

Stephane Jamoye put in a sturdy resistance, digging in body shots, and keeping Quigg on his toes, but Scott was not going to be denied his victory and broke Jamoye up with his own body punching that seemed to have a bigger effect. He went down from a shot to the body in the third round, and although he rose referee Terry O’ Connor called a halt. He may have been able to carry on but I think Terry will have used his experience as an ex-professional, and known from Jamoye’s body language that he didn’t want to, he had had enough.

There was a similar finish to the English title between Scotty Cardle and Kirk Goodings although I thought at first the stoppage after just 46 seconds was somewhat premature. And after looking again I still thought it was premature. The punch that put him over was to the body, he rose at the count of eight and the referee told them to box on. Scotty powered forward and caught Kirk with a couple of glancing blows to the head, causing his to cover up on the ropes, then duck down and sway left to right, upon which referee Steve Gray stopped the fight. Well I used to sway left, right, then left again, and sway back bringing a left hook out of my small bag of tricks, which normally missed. 46 seconds, the first round, I personally, rightly or wrongly, would have given him the chance to recover. I feel Terry O’ Connor recognised the signs from Jamoye in his stoppage, but Kirk was not given the opportunity to dig himself out of the hole he found himself in. Less than a minute had gone, he was still strong and went over from a body shot, so apart from a pain in the bread basket, he had all his eggs at home, and I would have given him the chance to give it a go for what maybe his only ever chance of a title.


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