News | Jun 03 2016

Anthony Joshua: Even if Tyson Fury loses, we’ll still fight

Anthony Joshua ponders the enigma of Tyson Fury, writes John Dennen
Anthony Joshua
Anthony-Joshua  |  Action Images

ANTHONY JOSHUA will fight Tyson Fury, even if Fury loses to Wladimir Klitschko on July 9.

“We’ll still fight. It’ll still be massive,” Anthony said.

At a press conference to announce his fight with Klitschko, Fury did reveal a larger than expected stomach. Joshua though doesn’t anticipate additional bulk being a problem for Fury, the holder of the WBA and WBO heavyweight world titles. “He’ll shed that. The problem is if he’s trying to get to a weight and cuts out foods and stuff like that. When you’re a heavyweight you need energy. So I don’t know if he’s trying to be on a diet plan, I don’t know. But you’re trying to shed the weight it might not work because you need energy. The lighter boxers do it because they can make weight, they haven’t got to use much effort to box and stuff. Interesting. I think it will be the only downfall if he’s trying to make a target weight and he’s having to cut out certain nutrients to get there,” Anthony noted.