Anthony Joshua destroys Charles Martin to win world title

anthony joshua fight
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge
John Dennen sees Anthony Joshua win the IBF heavyweight title at the O2

ANTHONY JOSHUA destroyed Charles Martin inside two rounds to win the IBF heavyweight title Saturday at the O2.

The tall Londoner strolled to the ring, wearing a long white robe, aware of the roaring cheers of 20,000 supporters and smiling in response. But once in his the ring, his focus zeroed in on Martin and the challenger did not let his prey off the leash.

Martin cycled round but he could scarcely get a shot through. Joshua tempered him with his excellent jab, probing the American’s body with heavy duty crosses. In the second round Joshua struck. Martin lunged at him and Anthony fired a stiff, arrow-straight right that dropped the American heavyily. Charles slowly stood but Joshua did not hesitate. Again Martin approached and now Joshua threw another wickedly fast right. The shot arched round slightly, hit home, flush and blasted the American down to the canvas. Martin rolled up, sat on the seat of his shorts, it looked for a moment like he could get up but simply took too long. Referee Jean-Pierre Van Imschoot counted him out at 1-32 of the second round. With speed, precision and focused ferocity Anthony Joshua had seized the IBF heavyweight title.

“I told you I was going to come out and punish him. I’m showing levels. I told you,” Joshua beamed afterwards. “He was brave enough to come to the UK, to the lion’s den so that says a lot about Charles Martin, respect to him.”

“I don’t take nonsense from no one but I’m humble,” Joshua concludes. “We’re all going to do it, just follow your dreams and get behind everyone.”


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