Opinion | Aug 06 2018

Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and the blame game

Sharing the view from America, Jack Hirsch gives his verdict on who is responsible for the Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder negotiations breaking down
Anthony Joshua
anthony joshua  |  Paul Macleod

THE parking fine with the accompanying late fee arrived in the mail. It had me baffled since I had not seen a ticket left on my car in the first place. I traced the date and time to when I was attending a Boxing Writers Association of America’s awards banquet.

That evening I paid to have my car parked in a busy Manhattan lot. I handed the keys to the parking attendant. From what I could later surmise, the attendant in trying to clear space had temporarily moved my car back onto the street where it was then ticketed by the police. Rather than take responsibility and do the decent thing by informing me of their error and paying me the cost of the fine, the ticket was removed meaning I would have no knowledge of receiving it until much later.

Because I had kept my parking stub and receipt, I was sure the ticket would get dismissed when I presented it to the judge along with my not guilty plea. “As you can see, it was not my fault,” I argued. The judge agreed, then upheld the verdict. Her premise was simple, that I had authorised the parking lot to be in charge of my car that evening and because of that was responsible for how they mishandled it. Which brings us to Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and the unacceptable delay in them signing to meet.


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