Feature | Issue | Premium | Dec 03 2019

Anthony Joshua: ‘The red mist doesn’t come over me, I just get smarter’

Anthony Joshua tells Declan Taylor how he makes the most of second chances
Anthony Joshua
Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

IT is now over a decade since the first stage of Anthony Joshua’s transformation into one of the biggest sports stars of his generation began in the inauspicious surroundings of a Berkshire prison cell. It was there he also began to appreciate the meaning of a ‘second chance’.

The story goes that the 6ft 6in street kid, who was learning his trade as a bricklayer, had been caught up in a fight and later found guilty of affray. He faced 10 years in prison for the offence and as he spent those two weeks on remand staring up at the single fluorescent light in the ceiling, he made a promise to himself.

“When I had that second chance at life when I was getting in trouble,” he recalls. “I just dedicated myself. I said I would put myself on a 15-year prison sentence to boxing and have that focus.”


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