BN Verdict | Issue | Opinion | Nov 03 2019

Anthony Crolla wins his final fight – the BN verdict

Anthony Crolla fails to shine in his last fight but it should not be allowed to tarnish what came before

MAYBE Anthony Crolla didn’t deserve the 10-round points victory he received over the unfaniced Frank Urquiaga inside the Manchester Arena.

He wouldn’t have wanted any help from the judges. He wouldn’t have wanted to win a fight many felt he lost. And true to his honesty and his acute sense of pride, he struggled to celebrate with any conviction as the majority decision (via scores of 95-95, 98-92 and 97-93) was announced in his favour. Without doubt, if he watches the fight back and feels he didn’t deserve to win, the sense of injustice will bother him.

But Anthony Crolla – a true British hero – deserved every cheer and round of applause he received inside the Manchester Arena. He deserved to hear Michael Buffer call his name one last time. More importantly, after a lacklustre bout, he can now retire without a single doubt he’s doing the right thing.

Rarely has the onset of a boxer’s last fight been met with such a wave of good feeling. And it’s not because anyone is pleased to see Anthony Crolla leave, it’s because they’re delighted to see him leave at the right time. If there is such thing as a right time, that is.


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