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Angelo Dundee’s memories of Muhammad Ali and The Rumble in the Jungle

James Slater spoke to Angelo Dundee in 2011 about Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
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FOUR decades ago when the incomparable Muhammad Ali chopped down the seemingly invincible and ferociously hard-hitting George Foreman in the African jungle.

A big underdog going into the fight that would see 32-year-old Ali attempt to regain the heavyweight crown he had initially won a full ten years earlier, some people felt 25-year-old Foreman, then perfect at 40-0(37) might seriously hurt Ali. But, with no small assistance of a trainer and corner-man who knew exactly how great his fighter was, Ali’s boxing genius was to guide him to what was arguably the finest moment of his illustrious career.

Angelo Dundee was Ali’s chief second that amazing night (or morning, the fight taking place in the small hours in Zaire, Africa), as he was in all but a couple of the then Cassius Clay’s early pro bouts, and “Angie” once again spoke his words of wisdom into Ali’s ear.