Amateur | Issue | Premium | Oct 25 2019

‘Andy Ruiz in the Olympics? He’s welcome to try’

Frazer Clarke on pros in AIBA boxing, Andy Ruiz being encouraged to enter the Olympics and the controversial decisions he's faced
Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua
The shock of Andy Ruiz beating Anthony Joshua still reverberates through the sport Action Images/Reuters/Peter Cziborra

FRAZER CLARKE has had plenty of lows in his long amateur career. But nothing can compare to thinking you’ve won a World medal only to have the decision overturned. In previous issues this magazine has covered the controversial ruling in depth (read those articles here and here). Now Clarke shares his personal reaction. “You feel like your world’s ending,” he tells Boxing News. “The lowest moment of my career. I’ve had some ups and some downs but I was so happy to get that World medal because they’re the kind of thing you look back on in years to come and you’re really proud of. But they’ve taken it away from me. I just don’t feel it’s right.”

He was just two bout away from an elusive gold medal. “I’ve got the big medals. Along with an Olympic medal that would have completed the set,” he said. It was my last chance because I’m not going to compete at a World championships again.

“I think it was close, maybe too close watching it back. But I’m a bit old school, I’ve been in amateur boxing a long time. All this appealing, it’s not for me. The sport’s in a bit of a crazy situation if I’m honest. A close fight is a close fight. Sometimes you’re on the right end of them, sometimes you’re on the wrong end of them.”


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