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Andy Ruiz: I wasn’t playing the nice guy – I am a nice guy

But in the ring I will try and rip Joshua’s face off, declares Andy Ruiz
Deontay Wilder on Andy Ruiz
Action Images/Reuters/Peter Cziborra

NOBODY will be holding my belts, particularly not Anthony Joshua.

When he let me hold his belts before the first fight, looking back, it was a strange moment. But I kind of appreciated that he let me hold them. I don’t agree with superstitious people who say, ‘If Joshua hadn’t let him hold the belts he would have won’. I beat him fair and square. The fights are won inside the gym and I was really hungry for that fight and I still am now.

I wasn’t playing at being the nice guy in the build-up. They were not tactics. That’s just the guy I am. To this day I’m still the nice guy, I still respect Joshua and I’m a big fan of what he did in boxing. He has been a champion since his 16th fight.

Inside the ring, and I even told him this, there are no friends and no respect. There’s nothing, just me and you, trying to rip each other’s face off. In my eyes, when we’re in the ring, I feel like he’s trying to take my kids’ Cheerios, my kids’ Fruit Loops and that’s what’s honestly giving me extra motivation.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua
Ruiz insists he still has no personal animosity towards Joshua Action Images/Reuters/Peter Cziborra


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