Opinion | May 31 2019

Andy Ruiz: ‘Anything can happen in this boxing game’

In his own words, Andy Ruiz looks ahead to his Madison Square Garden showdown with Anthony Joshua
andy ruiz
Andy Ruiz has to adjust to being the heavyweight champion of the world Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

I WAS sensitive when I was young. I was always this big kid. I had my first amateur fight at seven years old. I always had to fight older kids because none of the kids my age were as big as me. When people said stuff to me, it gave me motivation to succeed. I learned to block out the negativity.

Winning against Anthony Joshua [on Saturday June 1] would be awesome. My dream is to be the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. At one time, though, I wanted to give the sport up. I listened to the doubters who said that I was too big to be a champion. I was a big troublemaker when I was a kid at high school. I was a little gangster with a shaved head who was going around with the wrong cliques. I was hanging around with the wrong people and doing bad things. Thankfully, boxing kept me away from major trouble. Boxing saved my life.

I was six years old when my dad first took me to the gym. I got my ass kicked, so I didn’t want to go back. But my dad told me to keep going. Then, after only about a month, I started kicking their asses. My dad always believed in me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. When I was out on the streets with the wrong people, he’d come and find me and make me train. I started getting serious in the sport at about 15 or 16, when my dad took me to Mexico City.