Feature | Apr 15 2017

Andre Berto: ‘You can’t let this fight game define you’

In pensive mood Andre Berto considers the trials and tribulations of boxing
Andre Berto
Andre Berto

FROM being lauded early on his professional career, Andre Berto has fallen low in the estimation of many. But he’s learning from the experience.

“Well, from my first loss moving forward, I’ve been written off. Like I said. going into it, it’s just where the fight game is. It’s just where the fight game is. From my first loss on, it’s been this and this, this and that. I’ve been through my hard times. I’ve been through everything in this fight game and have been in front of that TV screen,” he said philosophically. “Everybody knows the boxing game, you’re as good as your last performance. Just as they can raise you up high in the next great thing, going through defeat or going through some tough times, they’ll write you off quick.

“They’ll write you off quick in this game. And that’s just how the game goes. I can’t sit there and just be upset at it. I knew what I was getting into.