Feature | Apr 17 2017

Andre Berto: ‘Becoming a three-time world champion is great motivation’

Andre Berto believes Shawn Porter is his gateway back to the top
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Andre Berto - Training Camp_04_22_2017_Training camp_Stephanie Trapp _ Team Berto _ Premier Boxing Champi  |  Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

HOW has training camp gone? Do you feel like you’re still learning and growing with Virgil Hunter?

“We’ve had a tremendous training camp out here in the Bay. I’m focused and I’m in great shape. Training with Virgil is like stepping in to a classroom. I’m always learning and growing as a fighter when I’m in the gym with him. We’ve been pushing to the limit every day and I’m just ready to go to work.”

What would you say are Shawn’s strengths in the ring? What do you have to prepare for?