Feature | Nov 22 2019

And Justice for All: The referees and judges responsible for some of boxing’s most controversial moments

What's it like being at the centre of a boxing controversy? Elliot Worsell spoke to Richard Steele, Mickey Vann, George Groves and Robin Reid to find out
George Groves

SOME like to be noticed. Others don’t. The best, we’re told, are the latter kind, the ones who shy away from attention. But sometimes being noticed isn’t necessarily a choice.

Howard Foster, for example, is one referee who doesn’t like to be noticed. It’s not his thing. Never has been. Yet, at 8.20 pm on the night of November 23, 2013, he entered the changing room of George Groves, briefly interrupting the super-middleweight’s warm-up, and was all of a sudden noticed.

More than that, he was the centre of attention, just as he’d been moments before, when delivering in a different changing room the same instructions to Carl Froch, and just as he’d be at around 11 pm.


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