On being taunted by Floyd Mayweather last weekend

I’m not sure, I don’t think he’s done yet and was just trying to get inside my head in case we do ever meet again. He had the chance to fight me three times but never took it up and that tells me that there was something in my style which he didn’t like. It’s been a long time since he’s faced someone with speed and movement and he knows that sort of style is all wrong for him. It wasn’t about money either because he would have made even more money facing me in his last fight, especially with the UK revenue.

On the Danny Garcia rematch

I know the mistakes I made in the first fight and believe me I will not be making them again. I was very comfortable boxing him in the first fight and won the first three rounds very easy. I allowed the trash talk beforehand to get to me and I went looking for the knockout too early when he was still dangerous. I’ve definitely become a smarter fighter and a better one since then and I’m sure that if we meet again it will be a totally different outcome.

On being snubbed by Manny Pacquiao

I think it was a fight the fans wanted to see, so certainly from that end it’s disappointing because it would have been a very exciting and all-action fight. There’s a lot of history between us and even though I really like Manny it would have made a great story if we had shared the ring. I got told it was between either Terence Crawford or myself so it came as a surprise when Timothy Bradley’s name was announced. I’m not sure boxing fans are particularly excited about seeing that fight again for the third time as in most people’s opinions Manny won both fights clearly.

I just don’t think they fancied it as they knew I would be a very dangerous opponent for Manny.

On Kell Brook

If it doesn’t happen this year he can fight a top five opponent and make his name bigger and I can try and get a belt and we can make the fight even greater.

When I was negotiating the fight with Floyd I told my team to get me the Floyd fight whatever terms he demands because I was confident I was going to beat him and that would put me in pole position – I was giving him everything. I don’t think Kell is as confident in himself, he knows he’s going to get beat so he is holding out for a big pay day although he could still make as much as five times or more as he has ever made.