Amir Khan says he can train like never before

Amir Khan
Amir Khan insists he's benefiting already from the move up to middleweight

FIGHTING WBC middleweight Canelo Alvarez may be a risk but Amir Khan believes the pounds he’s packing on will allow him to train like never before.

“Normally when I’m in training camp I used to start cutting weight as soon as I step into training camp. This time I’m eating healthy, I’m eating good and I’m still training hard. I’m training harder than normal because I can eat more and can have more nutrition. That’s why I’m looking even bigger. So I can keep hold of that muscle,” Khan said. “I’m making sure I’m having enough carbs, enough fats and proteins in my diet… I’ve got more energy when I go into the gym and I’m stronger in the gym as well.

“It’s more a light middleweight fight because it’s 154, 155. Time will tell. This fight might be the ideal weight for me. I’m going to see how I feel. To be honest with you in sparring and training I’ve been feeling so strong and so explosive and fast. It’s not like I’ve lost the speed, the speed’s still there. A lot of people say by putting more muscle on speed’s going to go down. But it’s not.”

He is though moving all the way up from welterweight. This could be a dangerous fight. But Khan is so confident in his abilities that he even persuaded his trainer Virgil Hunter it’s a risk worth taking. “It took me some time. I broke it down to him [Hunter]. He took time then to watch the videos. When you hear the name, it’s like ‘stay away from him’ but when you break the fight down, it gives a better understanding that this fight is a winnable fight for me,” Amir said. “At the end of the day I want this fight. I know boxing is a business, any mistake in the fight could hurt me in the future and I don’t want to be one of those fighters that’s punch drunk or getting hit with shots he shouldn’t be hit with. I’ve got a life after boxing as well. But I really believe that this fight is the right fight for me. This is going to catapult me to the top. Instead of having four fights to get to the top, one fight will get me where I need to be.”

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