Opinion | Apr 19 2019

Amir Khan, Mikey Garcia and boxing’s era of the no-lose super-fight

What the strange case of Amir Khan tells us about the sport today, writes Alex Reid
Terence Crawford & Amir Khan Weigh-In

THERE are two types of courage in boxing. One is the type of straightforward, physical bravery we all admire. Alone when the bell goes, risking life and limb, each fighter knows that they could be pushed to the limits of their physical bravery and pain tolerance when they step between the ropes.

In short, the qualities every boxer possesses that most mortals are awed by.

Yet there’s another, more complex, type of courage that elite boxers must possess: competitive courage. At the highest level, we ask boxers not just to risk their health but to endanger their reputation and pride by choosing to face the very best in their division, i.e. career-defining fights they might well lose.


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