Amir Khan insists Vargas is not another Lo Greco

Amir Khan fight time
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'I think Amir Khan is an old man and he’s over the hill. I think he’s been damaged a lot,' says Samuel Vargas, writes John Dennen

BRITISH star Amir Khan insists he can’t be complacent going into Saturday’s bout with Samuel Vargas in Birmingham.

“It’s been a tough training camp. I’ve spent round about ten weeks in Los Angeles and it’s the first time that me and Joe [Goosen, his trainer] have spent a full camp together. The last fight was a little bit of short training camp because of the change of trainers. We’re going to be ready for this fight and I’m glad the team on my left [Team Vargas] is talking and they’re confident. They’re making the fight more exciting,” Khan said at Thursday’s press conference.

“I’ve trained very hard for this fight as I do for all of my fights. I’ve sparred with some really tough fighters and fighters that are probably better than my opponent. When I get in the ring I’m going to give Birmingham a great fight and I’m going to do what I do best. We never go into a fight looking for a knockout, we never go into a fight throwing big bombs. If it happens it happens, if I see an opening I’m going to take it. I’ve been watching videos of Vargas, I’ve seen a few things in there but everyone if different in every fight.

“I know I’ve got everything it takes to win this fight. I’m not seeing Vargas as another [Phil] Lo Greco. They might be from the same country but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve trained like this is a world title fight because I know where this can take me.”

Amir Khan

For his part, Samuel Vargas insists he is well prepared. “I’ve had a great camp and I want to thank my team. I had a tremendous training camp and had a lot of rounds. I brought in sparring from Puerto Rico and the States as well as local sparring in Toronto. It was great,” he said.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that I will be victorious on Saturday night. I don’t care how I do it. I don’t care if it’s by knockout or if it goes the distance or if I break his ribs. I don’t care how it is, in my heart I think it, I dream it, I pray about it and I’ll win. I think Amir is an old man and he’s over the hill. I think he’s been damaged a lot and I know in my heart that when he goes to sleep he knows that if I touch him, he’s going to get hurt. If I clip him with something he will get hurt.”

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