Is Samuel Vargas tailor-made for Amir Khan?

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A camp insider tells George Storr exactly what makes Amir Khan so effective

HAVING learned his trade as a coach from Roger Mayweather and Freddie Roach, Inzar Ahmed has since worked with a host of top British fighters, including Amir Khan and Scott Quigg. He also currently coaches former GB boxer, Muhammad Ali.

As one of Amir’s former trainers, and a man who’s been close to the Khan camp for some time, ‘Coach Inzy’ shared some of his thoughts on Khan’s upcoming bout with Colombia’s Samuel Vargas

“Just recently we did some work together, to prepare him for the [Phil] Lo Greco fight. I brought up one of my fighters to spar with him” Inzy tells Boxing News. “What really surprised me was his speed. Not really on the mitts because when I did the mitts for him I don’t think he was at his fullest, but in sparring. Especially his jabs and some of his short combination drills were very quick. Very quick. I’ve not really ever seen anyone throw punches as quick as Amir Khan.”

It’s no secret that Amir Khan has fast hands, of course, but Inzy believes that Khan’s speed is especially well-suited to the task as hand: un-picking Samuel Vargas. “I think it’s going to be a pretty easy fight for Amir Khan,” the Bradford man said. “Samuel Vargas likes to stay there. He’s vulnerable at times and a bit flat footed. I think in the fight he had against Errol Spence he threw 193 punches and landed only 15!”

Amir Khan

When asked for a prediction Inzy remains sceptical in regards to Vargas’ potential threat. “I don’t think he’s got much knockout power so with Amir the key will be his speed. I think he will stop Vargas at some point. Maybe round six or seven,” he said.

“I think he will just catch Vargas again and again. Vargas doesn’t move much. He likes to stay flat. He likes to stay in the centre. Khan’s got this fight.”

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