Amateur | Issue | Premium | Oct 22 2019

Amateur Scene – the Welsh way

Wales national coach Colin Jones, formerly a British, Commonwealth and European welterweight champion, in his own words tells Louis Daniel of his roles and responsibilities

“I’m still very proud of what I achieved myself as an amateur boxer under Gareth Bevan at the Penyrheol ABC. I won my first Welsh title at 11 years old then won every year bar one before turning pro at 18. I also won three British schoolboys. In the seniors I added two British ABA titles and went to the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. I had well over a hundred bouts. We need to get kids back to serving that type of apprenticeship.

In 2006, Tony Williams asked me to join the national set-up. I agreed to give it a trial for a year, see how we went, and I’ve been there since. I’ve helped bring through the likes of Fred Evans, Andrew Selby, Joe Cordina, Lauren Price, Rosie Eccles….

I’ve been head coach since 2011. I’m responsible for the whole kibosh but mainly focus on the top Youth and Seniors, anyone eligible for the next Commonwealth Games. It’s a four-year programme. We’ll only take them if we think they can medal. I enjoy the travelling and I love the opportunity to study all the fighters at the big tournaments.