Amateur | Issue | Premium | Dec 03 2019

Amateur Scene – Rising champions at the NABGC finals

The future stars at the NABGC championships. Matt Bozeat reports from the finals

THE NABGC Championship Class C and D finals were held at the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham on Sunday (December 1) and the majority of the crowd came to see the welterweight clash between Hassan Azim and Jimmy Sains.Azim (Pinewood Starr) won a desperately tight 3-2 split decision that divided opinion among ringsiders. So close was the bout, every round could have gone either way.

Sains (Repton) gave the impression he finished the bout in control, boxing the final 90 seconds or so with his hands dangling by his sides. He did pick off Azim with some clean punches in that spell, but then Azim had started the round better. That’s how close this bout was.

The Londoner, an impressive stoppage winner in the semi-finals, was the quicker to settle. He landed jabs down and up and until the final minute or so of the opening round, Azim loaded up and mostly missed. Azim started to find his range in the last minute, but as was the case in every round, it was difficult to decide who landed more punches.


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