EXCLUSIVE AIBA’s message to the WBC

AIBA president Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu points out the WBC is getting what they asked for years ago

THE WBC, one of the sanctioning bodies for world titles in professional boxing, has criticised the development that would lead to professional boxers competing in the Olympic Games.

However Dr. Ching-Ku Wu, the president of AIBA, the world governing body for Olympic boxing, pointed out that the WBC had originally complained to the IOC about a “monopoly” that didn’t allow professional boxers to compete at the Olympic Games.

“They made a request to the IOC before,” Dr. Wu told Boxing News. “They asked why their boxers cannot go to Olympic Games. The IOC, based on their request, replied to them [that] AIBA is the only sports organisation, authority representing and recognised by the IOC to organise the Olympic Games for boxing. That message was very clear. Now we’re opening the door [to potentially allowing pros in]. I don’t know why they [the WBC] complain. They made a request. IOC made it clear to them, go to AIBA. AIBA is now even amending their statutes to accommodate professionals boxers. I don’t know why they shouldn’t be very happy and welcome [it].”

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