News | Aug 16 2016

AIBA respond to judging controversy at Rio 2016

AIBA are reviewing some of the decisions at the Olympic Games, writes John Dennen
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THE scoring of Olympic contests is under scrutiny at Rio 2016. Decisions that saw Evgeny Tishchenko win the heavyweight (91kgs) gold medal yesterday and Irish bantamweight Michael Conlan lose today to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin have been controversial.

There is not a mechanism for appeals from teams to overturn results but judges are evaluated in the course of a tournament and several bouts have been brought before a review panel, including the 91kgs final, and the Conlan bout that took place on Tuesday will be.

Thomas Virgets, a member of the AIBA executive committee, told Boxing News: “First the officials that got here got here because they were evaluated over a period of two years and these were the ones who scored the highest, but relative to the continents because we also have to ensure neutrality among the officials. Once they were chosen they went to a number of clinics and were trained even more, participated in a lot of training. Once they got here what happens is in the field of play, in every bout we have two people called referee and judges evaluators. They are evaluating every bout that goes on and every day they are addressing those bouts with these individuals. If we have a particular bout that the referee and judges evaluators say, ‘We really need to take a look at that bout,’ then there’s a small committee that’s put together here by AIBA, I’m one of those individuals. We review the films and take a look at it relative to what happened.