News | Aug 18 2016

AIBA ‘reassign’ executive director during the Olympic Games

AIBA executive director Karim Bouzidi is immediately reassigned. John Dennen reports from Riocentro

AIBA revealed today that as part of their reassessment of the refereeing and judging at the Olympic Games, they have reassigned their executive director, Karim Bouzidi, one of the most senior members of the organisation, on the 13th day of the boxing competition at Rio 2016.

AIBA said, “AIBA will not shy away from its responsibilities and will continue to ensure a level playing field and a fair and transparent sport. It is of paramount importance to protect our sport and its R&J [referee and judge] community whose integrity is constantly put into question.”

Yesterday AIBA had to stand down a number of referees and judges due to the standard of their officiating.