Amateur | News | Jan 28 2018

AIBA appoint new Interim president shrouded in controversy

The AIBA leadership saga afflicting Olympic boxing takes an extraordinary new twist, writes John Dennen
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AIBA, the international governing body for Olympic boxing, has made Gafur Rakhimov, a man shrouded in controversy, the organisation’s new Interim president.

Previous president Dr. Ching Kuo Wu stepped down last year after a protracted dispute over allegations of financial mismanagement at AIBA. Issues around a $10 million loan from Azerbaijan-based company Benkons left AIBA facing the threat of bankruptcy. Rakhimov has been integral to reaching a settlement with Benkons.

Franco Falcinelli then stepped in as Interim president. Despite an understanding that Wu would be named Honorary President, that was rejected in a vote at an Extraordinary Congress which AIBA held in Dubai on Saturday (January 27).


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