After narrow escape, Conor Benn to rematch Cedrick Peynaud

Conor Benn
Benn rematched Cedrick Peynaud after a tough fight Action Images/Peter Cziborra
Peynaud put Conor Benn through hell, but he wants to do it all again, writes John Dennen

CONOR BENN, a feted, high profile prospect was in hell. At York Hall in December 2017, unheralded opponent Cedrick Peynaud had put Benn down heavily twice in the first round. He subjected Conor to fearful punishment. Although he, the son of Nigel Benn, managed to come back and drop the Frenchman twice himself. In that bout Benn got a 57-54 verdict from referee Robert Williams although the fight was far closer than that and could well have been a draw.

Benn however intends to rematch Peynaud to settle the issue.

“It’s part of the plan,” Benn’s manager, Charlie Sims told Boxing News. “He’s going to get a run out April 21 on the Amir Khan return [in Liverpool] and then we’re going to look at the rematch after that, the next fight. We’ve just got to discuss with Eddie Hearn [Benn’s promoter] what show it’s going to go on. Because we were looking at the May 5 show for the Haye-Bellew fight but it’s too close to April 21 so we need to find another show for him to go on but that’s the plan. To get back and put things right, if you like.”

It was an exciting fight to watch, one of the better contests of 2017, though unnerving for his manager. “I never thought it was going to go like that. The guy was tough. He wasn’t that bad. I think Conor is actually a lot better than him, he just didn’t perform that night, something was different that night. It was almost as if we went back to the beginning. But I know Conor in his mind knows that something wasn’t right that night and he wants to go back and he wants to put things right. I remember at the time I was just thinking, ‘S***. He’s in trouble here.’ But I remember thinking I know he’s won this fight but purely on heart. Because you have to give it to the kid, someone who hasn’t had a lot of amateur pedigree, he put in a great performance when he’d never been there before. He’d never been in those trenches,” Sims said.

Conor Benn

“He was seriously hurt. It was really interesting to watch, even though I work closely with him and I’ve got an emotional attachment too because he’s my friend. It was hard to watch but I’m just glad he got through it and he showed good heart.

“I’m really looking forward to the rematch because I want to know, I want to know how much he’s progressed since then. I’m really looking forward to that.”

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