Issue | Opinion | Premium | Jun 25 2019

Advice to young pros in this brutal business

Get what you can out of the sport, writes manager and trainer Mark Massow in his advice to young pros
advice to young pros
Action Images/Andrew Boyers

IT’S the dilemma facing all ticket-selling professionals: Do you keep on badgering friends and relatives to purchase another ticket just to buy your way onto a show against a journeyman you’ll be matched against to win (although that’s not guaranteed, despite some insisting it to be!) Or do you take the gamble and go in slightly ambitious and try to change the course of your career?

Everyone involved in the professional side of the sport seems to have an opinion on the ticket-selling structure of the game and those opinions are rarely positive from the ones taking the actual punches.

The days have gone when a promoter can put a poster in a pub/club and hope to get a group of punters walk up to the venue on the night. As the licence-holders who are putting up the financial clout needed to put the show on, they want some certainty of at least getting a chunk of that money back. Putting the onus on the home boxer to sell the tickets is now the accepted system.