News | Mar 02 2016

Adam Booth aids Bradley Skeete for Sam Eggington clash

Bradley Skeete tells Danny Flexen he has worked with Adam Booth, as well as his superb head coach Alan Smith ahead of the challenge to Sam Eggington
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IT’S a boxing cliche and one your author cannot help but mock (good-naturedly, of course) as, a few weeks ahead of Bradley Skeete’s March 5 challenge to British and Commonwealth welterweight champion Sam Eggington, he prepares to interview the British and Commonwealth title challenger at the iBox Gym in Bromley. “Don’t tell me,” I say to Skeete, who has recently enlisted the help of the highly respected Adam Booth, “You’re in the best shape of your life.” The tall, rangy man from Penge laughs but he’s not arguing the contention.

“You just hit the nail on the head,” Skeete responds. He certainly looks fit, his 6ft 1in accentuated by a lean frame. “Dan, hand on heart, this is probably the hardest I’ve trained. Everything’s been spot on. I’m not gonna say no niggles or nothing, because in a hard, 10-week training camp, you’re gonna pick up little niggles here and there. I’ve had some great sparring, some great influence from Adam Booth – he’s done some work with me as well.

“It’s busy here. Ricky Boylan has been back in the gym but I don’t know if he’s gonna stay here. [Former stablemate and British champion] Sam Webb trains a couple of fighters here. Johnny Garton’s here, Lew [Lewis Pettitt]’s here, Darryll Williams. Us as a team, we’re all proper close, we all go and watch each other fight, support each other. We can all mix in and spar as we’re all around the same weight. We go on the track together, push each other, it’s competitive but in a good way. It’s like an amateur gym in that everyone’s buzzing and training together.”


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