Fitness | Nutrition | Dec 15 2015

4 Christmas diet tips that won’t make you fat

Nutritionist Robert Seaborne provides some vital Christmas diet advice to stop you getting fat and unfit over the festive period

4. Alcoho-ho-hol

LET’S be honest, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few festive drinks. But a normal pint of beer contains roughly 150 calories, Guinness contains around 180 calories while a single spirit mixed with coke can contain up to 250 calories per serving. If multiple drinks are consumed throughout the day/evening the calories can quickly add up. Unfortunately , there are no healthy alcoholic alternatives (yet), but being sensible about your choices can help keep the calorie count down. Flavored or unflavored soda waters contain very little calories and make a good accompaniment to a spirit of choice, whereas a small glass of dry white wine contains less than 100 calories. The best option is not drink it, but if you do, make the sensible choices!

Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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